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Performance Marketing 101: From Clicks to Conversions

Performance Marketing is a new form of marketing applied by businesses to optimize costs and increase profits. With the development of technology and the online advertising platform, Performance Marketing is becoming more and more popular than ever.

However, to be successful with Performance Marketing, businesses need a clear understanding of the strategic direction and fundamentals associated with it. 


Fundamentals of Performance Marketing

Firstly, Performance marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing, focuses on cost optimization to produce maximum profit. Cost optimization will assist companies in reducing advertising expenses, ensuring transparency, and achieving their objectives.

Performance Marketing is a Cost-Effective form of marketing

Secondly, Performance Marketing focuses on promotional activities based on their actual effectiveness, like conversion rates, signups or purchases. For instance, some key metrics and KPIs commonly used in performance marketing are: Return on Investment (ROI), Cost Per Click (CPC),… This way, businesses can ensure that they only pay for promotional activities that deliver real results for the business, reduce risk, and strengthen customer relationships. 

One crucial aspect of Performance Marketing is audience targeting, which involves identifying potential customers’ positions and interests to develop effective marketing strategies. With the advent of Big Data, marketers can analyze vast amounts of data, develop personalized customer segmentation models, and improve customer engagement strategies to boost future value.

With the data collected, marketing teams can optimize strategic goals

With the basic principles and understanding of Performance Marketing, businesses can optimize costs, increase sales and earn the highest profits. 

Performance Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Performance marketing is a popular online marketing technique derived from digital marketing, utilizing familiar tools. Although it may appear intimidating to distinguish between it and traditional digital marketing, let’s analyze some significant distinctions to gain a better comprehension of these two methods.

(However, choosing to make use of this new approach or stick to traditional digital marketing might seem like a daunting decision to make. Let us examine some key differences between these two methods to better understand them.)

Performance marketing compensates the marketing team or agency based on the defined advertising objectives, such as generating leads, sales, clicks, or conversions. A performance marketing agency is only remunerated when they meet preset goals through various communication channels.

Conventional digital marketing focuses on sustainable growth and customizes strategies for each business. This requires investment with the client ultimately making the decisions. Working with a performance-based marketing agency, however, allows the organization to develop optimal plans and strategies through various channels to achieve defined objectives and ensure ROI. This partnership fosters mutual trust and the pursuit of shared goals.

Therefore, if you have a tight budget and want to have control over your advertising spending, performance marketing is a better option. If you are more strategically minded and looking to play the long game, digital marketing is the way to go.

Benefits of Performance Marketing

When compared to other online marketing strategies, performance marketing offers many advantages. Performance marketing’s key benefits are:

  • Minimizing the risk in the overall process
  • Focusing on increasing ROI.
  • Execution can be easily monitored with an overview of performance.
  • Entirely calculable with marketing indicators.
  • Expense transparency.
  • Improved budget management for campaigns.
  • Greater advertising reach.
  • Inputs from advertising partners’ creative teams.



Why GAPIT for Performance Marketing?

Positioning as a performance-based creative agency, GAPIT Media offers a comprehensive marketing strategy that prioritizes clear and effective communication, unfettered access to ample resources, and fully dedicated service. Our team of digital experts is committed to helping you maximize your spending to achieve campaign objectives. 

Being a premier partner of leading online platforms like Google and Facebook, GAPIT Media has privileged access to extensive data sources and can develop strategies with favorable policies. By leveraging insights drawn from data on consumer behavior, preferences, and implementation, we carefully measure and refine our tactics to optimize campaigns, enhance performance, and drive revenue growth for our valued clients. Our industry expertise enables us to continuously fine-tune our approach, helping you achieve your desired outcomes efficiently and effectively.

GAPIT Media leverages its extensive training process and diverse experience to provide cutting-edge services to multi-industry clients. We tailor our strategies to each industry by incorporating our experience, methodologies, and data. Our approach is rooted in providing strategic and implementation consultancy that is uniquely tailored to specific business and industry needs. We take pride in offering solutions that drive development and growth for our clients.

So what are your marketing and advertising goals? Have you established a viable marketing strategy? Would performance marketing be a suitable fit for your business model? 

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities of incorporating performance marketing in your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion. 

5 Effective ways to get more out of misconceptions about Marketing

Businesses use marketing as a point of light in the ever-changing era of social trends. However, there are still many misconceptions about marketing, leading to the absence of an effective strategy that impacts the budget.

Marketing is a vital field of business. Source (CongDongDigitalMarketing 2017)

Marketing is a vital field in business that helps companies reach customers and generate profits. However, in reality, there are many misconceptions about the marketing industry that, if not addressed correctly, can pose challenges for businesses in building strategies and implementing marketing plans. Here are some common misconceptions about the marketing industry:



Marketing is more than just PR. Source (Tam Tran n.d)

1. Marketing is only about advertising and selling

This is a common and misguided perspective about the field of Marketing. It’s similar to the story of the blind men and the elephant, where one person perceives the elephant as a trunk, while another perceives it as a pillar. Marketing is difficult to fully explain with a single definition. It is not simply about advertising and selling. Marketing is a broad concept that encompasses various interconnected activities such as market research, product development, brand positioning, pricing, and advertising.


Businesses and budget allocation. Source (Ngoc Nguyen 2019)

2. Small businesses don’t need to spend money and time on marketing

Small businesses may lack the resources to implement comprehensive marketing strategies or already have a stable base of loyal customers. They may also have budget constraints that limit their ability to execute extensive marketing campaigns like larger businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that they do not need marketing.

Marketing plays a crucial role for small businesses in reaching their target customers, building their brand, and generating sales. Marketing for small businesses needs to be implemented wisely and requires a process of careful research and planning to utilize internally available resources. Therefore, a specific plan through market research is essential to optimize budgets.


3. Everybody can do Marketing

According to Brand Camp Asia (n.d), contrary to the belief of some that marketing is an easy field that anyone can do, the reality is that marketing requires time and dedication investment to achieve tangible results.

Market research and customer understanding are vital components of the marketing process. Without dedicating time to prepare the necessary resources, the ability to attract customers and develop products will be limited. Sometimes, choosing inexpensive marketing methods may bring temporary effectiveness, but to achieve sustainable success, investment is inevitable during the implementation process.


Advertising is just one part of various marketing methods. Source (Joe Powers 2021)

4. Advertising is a part of the marketing strategy

Advertising is an important method for capturing customer attention and generating brand awareness, whether they are new customers or in need of re-engagement. However, advertising is just one part of various marketing methods. Tools such as search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted content play a crucial role in maintaining consumer interest after they have been initially attracted by an advertisement.

Advertising helps make the first impression of a business but should not be the sole focus of a marketing campaign. Research has shown that it takes 5 to 12 different touchpoints with a brand to capture customer interests.

Some examples of touchpoints in the customer experience include online advertising, email, product reviews, and the company’s website. This implies using various marketing methods such as creating engaging content, optimizing search engines, and utilizing different forms of customer engagement to maintain interaction and interest.


5. Marketing needs to bring fast results

Marketing is a crucial element for businesses to reach their target customers, build their brand, and generate sales. Nowadays, the pressure to achieve immediate results through marketing has significantly increased. Businesses face competition from traditional competitors, emerging companies and startups.

Moreover, modern consumers tend to change their preferences frequently, place more importance on immediate experiences, and expect prompt interaction and responsiveness from brands. This puts pressure on businesses to adapt and respond quickly to meet customer needs and expectations.

However, can marketing deliver instant results? The answer is yes, but only when the marketing strategy is well-planned and effectively executed.

To achieve quick results in marketing, businesses need to focus on key factors. Firstly, they need to clearly identify their target customers and understand their needs. The next step is to create compelling and innovative messages to capture attention.

Utilizing digital marketing channels helps businesses effectively reach their target customers. Through this, essential needs are gradually formed in customers’ minds through the value and benefits of the product or service. Finally, each campaign should be regularly measured to ensure effectiveness and make timely adjustments.

Marketing needs to bring fast results. Source (Joe Sullivan 2019)

By following these steps, businesses can achieve both great and sustainable results.

With nearly two decades of experience, GAPIT Media provides comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions to clients across various industries, including Finance, Real Estate, FMCG, Agriculture, Healthcare, and more. Among these services are strategic consulting and tailored Marketing communication packages designed for different types and scales of businesses, helping you optimize your budget and achieve effective implementation.

Cracking The 5 Most Crucial Marketing Skills Secret

Facing the explosive era of advertising on the Internet, businesses have to compete more fiercely. The booming field of Digital Marketing offers an opportunity to reach online customers, while also presenting challenges that require adept application of skills in communication activities.

The upcoming years are promising and exciting for the Digital Marketing industry as more and more people tend to make online purchases. This trend has prompted companies to shift their focus toward digital platforms to enhance their customer reach and drive sales growth. However, to succeed in a rapidly evolving market, Digital Marketers need to master the following five fundamental skills:

Marketing requires different skills. Source (Serendipty n.d)

Copywriting: Words are power. Source (ATLS n.d)

1. Copywriting

The development of AI-powered writing tools can not replace the value of human content creators; on the contrary, it allows us to leverage AI to write advertisements faster and more effectively. In digital marketing, mastering the skill of copywriting is a way to enhance the persuasiveness of advertising content, generate empathy in readers, and bring them closer to making a purchase decision.

To create effective advertising content, content writers need to develop logical thinking, creativity, flexibility in understanding customer psychology, and foundational knowledge of article structure, keywords, and SEO.


Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool in digital marketing. Source (Quach Quynh n.d)

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is an essential tool in digital marketing. Why is it said so? SEO helps marketers optimize their websites to achieve higher rankings on search engine result pages. Additionally, SEO helps increase website traffic, thereby boosting opportunities for product sales.

To optimize SEO, users need specialized knowledge and understanding of various aspects, including keyword and website analysis skills, competitor identification, proficient SEO techniques, understanding of user experience, and the ability to evaluate the quality of SEO content.

The effectiveness of SEO primarily relates to its ranking. The higher the ranking, the greater the likelihood of users clicking on the website. Instead of scrolling down or searching on subsequent pages, users tend to click on the top-ranked content displayed on the first page when searching for keywords.


Marketing through touchpoints on social channels. Source (OnShop n.d)

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a potential market for creativity and innovation. The latest statistics in 2023 indicate that nearly 60% of the world’s population uses social media. Among them, the most popular platforms are Facebook with 2.9 billion users, YouTube with 2.6 billion users, Instagram with 1.47 billion users, and the recent fastest-growing platform, TikTok, which reached 1 billion users in a short period of time after its launch.

The opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers through social media platforms also poses a challenge to the creativity of marketers. Innovation requires quick updates on diverse, unique, and engaging forms of content on these platforms. Therefore, social media communication demands a higher level of expertise in creating an appealing online presence to seek and develop one’s own customer base. However, to acquire customers, it is essential to have a solid grasp of the following fundamental social media communication skills:

+ Understanding current communication strategies.

+ Understanding the functions of each social media platform.

+ Responding to customer feedback to gain insights into their needs and enhance interaction.


People analyze data to make accurate decisions. Source (CareerBuilder n.d)

4. Data Analysis

Data has become an indispensable factor in the field of marketing and has garnered the attention of experts. With its ability to provide valuable information, data empowers them to make better-informed decisions.

Over time, the increasingly important role of data has been affirmed. Marketing experts utilize data analysis techniques to assess effectiveness and improve their marketing strategies. Proficiency in data analysis and research brings numerous benefits to the communication process, from collecting and evaluating data on customer satisfaction to making accurate predictions and conclusions about the collected data results.


 Email marketing is an effective tool that contributes to increasing awareness of products and services. Source (MISA AMIS 2021)

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for building customer relationships and driving sales. With email marketing, you can send direct messages to your target customers. Moreover, email marketing is an effective tool that contributes to increasing awareness of the products and services your business offers and creates a stronger bond with customers.

To become a successful email marketer, you need to understand how to create effective email campaigns, segment your email lists, and measure the feasibility of your campaigns. You also need to have the ability to write compelling ad copy and design visually appealing email templates.

Digital marketing is an opportunity for everyone to grow their business. Source( VN4U n.d)

With the continuous development of digital marketing, Copywriting, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Data Analysis, and Email Marketing have proven their strength and impact in brand building, increasing engagement, and driving sales. By combining and maximizing these elements, marketers can go further in building successful strategies and impressing customers to achieve sustainable growth in the competitive digital market.



Illustration (Comic) – An inspiring content trend

Illustration (Comic) is a form of content creation preferred by creators because of its flexibility and ability to convey a positive and receptive message.


What is Illustration (Comics)?

Illustration (Comics) is a form of content creation that uses hand-drawn images to build stories, narratives, or specific actions. Through these contents, they contribute to conveying messages or cleverly integrating products of brands in a friendly and delicate way.

Some of the famous fictional Comics characters on social media are:


1. Tho Bay Mau (Rainbow Bunny): 3.374.458 likes

Tho Bay Mau is a series of stories revolving around a bunny with an expressionless face and his friends with hilarious life stories.


2. Ve bay (2.237.830 lượt thích)

The Ve bay team focuses on building humorous stories that are familiar to young people through a very diverse character system.

3. Tuyet Bich Collection (Snow White Collection): 1.990.125 likes

Inspired by famous Disney cartoon characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid… Tuyet Bich Collection’s content is funny stories with surprising endings.

4. Thang Fly Comics: 1,4 million followers

The main character Pikalong – an unlucky but always optimistic dragon, is the basis for Thang Fly Comics group to develop many other characters with different personalities. They create stories with diverse themes, ranging from current issues, humorous trends to clever situations that promote products.

5. Ba Gia Keu Ca (Complaining Old Lady): 987K likes

Old, fat, single, addicted to food and cosmetics… “Ba Gia Keu Ca” wins the heart of most female Facebook users since they find themselves in this character.

And there are many more interesting cartoon characters that reflect the reality of social life, conveying content in many fields and professions… It can be said that illustration is gradually becoming an indispensable form when businesses implement communication strategies on social media platforms.


The communication effectiveness of illustrations

In the fierce competition of creative content on social media nowadays, illustrations can attract readers, especially young people with many advantages:

  • It can create empathy and make readers easily absorb content and messages from short, witty, close stories. Therefore, these posts help increase interactions significantly.
  • It can bring novelty to the content with high creative and “fiction” ability based on the author’s imagination.
  • It is a flexible hand-drawn form that does not depend too much on available images sources, so it can drive imagination and creativity.
  • It is also a form of subtle advertising that can showcase products of brands.

Content creators can easily embed messages or promote products through illustrations – Products by GAPIT Media

  • It is a cost-effective method that does not require an expensive production process like organizing a photoshoot with a large ekip. An experienced team can bring these contents to life on the drawing board with an optimized budgets.
  • It makes brand image friendlier to customers through cartoon characters.

Through illustrated content, brand image is friendlier to customers – Products by GAPIT Media

As technology advances, Internet users are become more and more skeptical, which challenges communicators to be creative and innovative. In the face of work pressure, illustration (comics) can still be a potential form of bringing positive and fun messages to the public.

The differences between types of video: Animation, Motion Graphic and Stop Motion

As a form of content, video can easily and effectively communicate messages, making it popular and engaging on the internet. Depending on the advertising goal and brand, different video types can be used, each with its own features and uses. In this blog, we will explore  three popular types of video: Animation, Motion Graphic and Stop Motion.

The concept of different video types:

A fulfilled New year story conveyed through the form of Animation

1. Animation:

Animation is a technique that uses a series of moving images (frames) to create a dynamic picture with the purpose of recreating actions, events, emotions, or characters in a story. Any technique that can make static objects or images move is Animation, such as: hand-drawn animation, Anime, Claymation, or Motion Graphics.

Motion Graphics video combined with live-action footage.

2. Motion Graphic:

Motion Graphics is a technique that creates moving images by using graphic elements such as text, charts, and static images. Through this form of video, we can illustrate abstract ideas that are difficult to explain with words or static images. Motion Graphics are usually made with 2D and 3D graphic images.

Shaun The Sheep making process with Stop Motion technique

3. Stop Motion:

Stop Motion is produced by taking many static photos of objects and recording their movements. The subject will be moved slightly and photographed until the scene is completed. Then, these photos are stitched together into a moving film. This technique allows the authors to create motion effects that cannot be done by Animation or Motion Graphics. The subject of Stop Motion can be objects made of clay, paper, dolls, or real objects that are controlled by hand.

A Motion Graphics Video produced by GAPIT Media

Differences between video types:

Each video type has different features and applications that suit different advertising purposes and brands. Therefore, we need to understand these features to use them effectively for the products.

  • Motion Graphics, Stop Motion are forms of Animation.
  • In marketing, Animation is often used to create short stories, introduce products or services of brands.
  • Motion Graphics is often used to explain complex concepts or show the development of products or services of brands.
  • Animation focuses on conveying content, stories through characters, settings, movements.
  • Motion Graphics brings movements to static designs without following a specific storyline.
  • Stop Motion creates unique motion effects that cannot be done by Animation or Motion Graphics.
  • Stop Motion is suitable for real subjects such as toys, food. This helps create communication products that are realistic and close to the viewers.

With these advantages, Motion Graphics is ideal for sketching the overall picture or highlighting events and illustrating the meaning; it is often used without stories or narration. Animation is better for focusing on the emotional aspects of the story or creating a connection with customers. Stop Motion is suitable for conveying the realism and closeness of the product in a unique way.

Introduce GAPIT Media – Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Newly launched but not a “rookie,” GAPIT Media confidently asserts its capabilities and development potential by independently separating from GAPIT Communications, which has nearly two decades of operation. 


GAPIT Media is officially launched

On April 11, 2023, the GAPIT Media debut event was successfully held with the attendance of the leadership board of GAPIT Communications, GAPIT Media, and all employees of both companies. From the beginning, GAPIT Media has kicked off with a strategic vision to become a leading Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency in Vietnam.

GAPIT Media Team

GAPIT Media emerged as a separate entity from GAPIT Communications, a reputable and experienced company with nearly two decades of operation in the digital technology field. As a result, GAPIT Media inherits the advanced values from the digital technology foundation to drive its development, promising to deliver outstanding digital transformation value and enhance efficiency in communication activities.

At the launch, GAPIT Media’s CEO, Ms. Nguyen Kieu Anh shared that: “With our core goal of using technology as a bridge to drive communication activities, GAPIT Media aims to accompany businesses in spreading meaningful messages more effectively, providing customers with creative solutions and catching up with trends”.

Despite being a newly established company, GAPIT Media is not a fresh “rookie” in the marketing industry. The company has already gained experience and become a sustainable partner of many major clients, including NAPAS, Bayer Vietnam, VietinBank, MobiFone, BIDV, Chicco, Roche Vietnam, and more. At the launch time, GAPIT Media is actively running two impactful campaigns: “EZ Papa” of Chicco Vietnam in collaboration with rapper Justatee, and Living a “Profitable” Life of VietinBank in collaboration with artist, rapper Den Vau.

Two of GAPIT Media’s numerous main initiatives at the time of the company’s debut

The ambition to lead the communications industry with breakthrough thinking

With the aim of becoming a leading Full-service Digital Marketing Agency, GAPIT Media strives to provide comprehensive solutions, including the following services:

  • Strategic Planning:

Consulting on Brand Positioning and Development, and overall Communication Strategy.

  • Creative Solution:

Social media communication, press communication, website and application design, scriptwriting, and production.

  • Media Booking:

Advertising placement on offline media channels, billboards, OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising, and online platforms.

  • Influencer Marketing:

Conveying messages and promoting campaigns through a network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Celebrities.

  • Digital Performance:

Marketing on display networks, search networks, multi-platform social media, and e-commerce platforms.

  • Event & Campaign Marketing:

Organizing events and activation activities, creating awareness and experiential campaigns, and executing communication campaigns.

Through these services, GAPIT Media aims to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions, meeting the diverse needs of clients in the digital marketing landscape.

GAPIT Media’s mission is to establish itself as a dependable collaborator for companies in their efforts to reach audiences with compelling content and innovative services by harnessing the power of technology. The firm’s ultimate goal is to provide assistance to firms in establishing long-term values.

GAPIT Media’s Client

The factor that makes GAPIT Media have an outstanding performance lies in the values it brings to businesses through comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions, enhancing practical communication activities. The company offers strategic consulting and implementation services with solutions tailored to the specific development of each business. Furthermore, it conducts in-depth research and analysis of the internal aspects of the business to provide reasonable proposals. Besides, GAPIT Media uses a combination of insight-driven, behavioral-data-driven, and deployment-experience-driven methodologies to optimise the success of each campaign. Therefore, each campaign is carefully monitored and tweaked for maximum effectiveness.

With a fresh mindset and a solid foundation in technology, let’s look forward to the groundbreaking advancements that GAPIT Media will bring to the field of communications in the near future.

GAPIT Media and VietinBank spread the campaign Living a “profitable” life

Only 1 week after launching, Living a “profitable” life successfully entered the TOP 5 media campaigns of March 2023 with positive media effects.


GAPIT Media accompanied media with VietinBank in the campaign Living a “profitable” life

Living a “profitable” life campaign celebrated the 35th anniversary of VietinBank

Living a “profitable” life is a key campaign in 2023, marking a strong transformation of VietinBank in the new period. With the companionship of artist, rapper Den Vau, the campaign aimed to strongly spread positive values ​​and explosive activities that bring “profit” to the community.

As a creative agency, GAPIT Media has accompanied Living a “profitable” life in the booming phase. We created Social Media posts, write press releases and online newspapers, designed banners for Out-of-home Advertising…

A social media post from GAPIT Media on VietinBank’s Fanpage

PR products made by GAPIT Media in the campaign

Positive effects from the community

In just 2 minutes and 54 seconds, TVC “I am Den” – the companion statement of Den and VietinBank quickly became the first successful touchpoint, opening the campaign Living a “profitable” life. TVC quickly reached nearly 300.000 views, more than 5.000 interactions and more than 3.500 shares after only 24 hours of launch.

Commenting on the campaign’s opening product, experts and famous artists also gave flattering words when sharing TVC. Even within VietinBank, the campaign’s spirit has spread to 24.000 officers, joining hands to share and carry out practical activities for the community.

The opening TVC of the campaign received praise from talented directors

Launched quite late near the end of March 2023, Living a “profitable” life only needed about a week to be in the TOP 5 communication campaigns of March 2023 (*). This is the first time a Big 4 Bank campaign has topped the media campaign of the month, alongside units with large budget investments and comprehensive strategies such as Lazada, PNJ, Panasonic, Oppo.

The positive effect from the starting point is the result of collective efforts in communication activities. These achievements contribute to giving VietinBank a fresher appearance in the eyes of the public, demonstrating the bank’s efforts to enhance activities for the genZ segment in 2023.

(*) According to Kompa’s Top trending social media report in March 2023

EZ Papa – An inspiring campaign for modern fathers

The Chicco brand’s EZ Papa campaign has received significant attention within the parenting community. The campaign’s ability to influence further reinforced the brand’s commitment to spreading its meaningful message. 


“EZ Papa” MV reached Top 3 Trending after 3 days of release

The music video “EZ Papa” by rapper JustaTee, in collaboration with the Chicco brand, has garnered significant support from the music-loving community. In particular, fans of “idol CiCi” – the daughter of the artist and rapper JustaTee – have shown enthusiastic support for the song. Within just three days of its launch, “EZ Papa” reached the Top 3 Trending on the Vietnam YouTube chart, achieved 1 million views in just 70 hours, and garnered thousands of comments and shares from various community groups.

JustaTee’s cute, funny “EZ Papa” MV featuring his daughter CiCi

In the MV’s opening scene, JustaTee appears as a successful father deeply passionate about his singing career. However, this image is quickly contrasted with a chaotic household and the realization that his “career” as a father is currently struggling.

The narrative of EZ Papa revolves around JustaTee’s real-life experience of juggling two roles simultaneously: that of a successful man and a busy father. Despite his demanding career, he is also a dedicated caregiver to his young children, often donning the “clothes” of a father. This poignant reality resonates with parents across the board, tugging at their heartstrings.

JustaTee plays and explores products from Chicco with his daughter

The music video “EZ Papa” by JustaTee delivers a strong message about the vital role of fathers in raising their children and emphasizes the need to break down outdated stereotypes about gender roles in childcare. The video stresses the importance of fathers staying involved and present in their children’s lives, even when facing complex and challenging times. This message is in line with the values of Chicco, a popular Italian children’s brand that emphasizes nurturing and supporting children’s development. In summary, “EZ Papa” aims to inspire modern fathers and their spouses to take an active role in raising their children.

Resonant activities created a widespread impact

The music video is a part of the communication campaign for the Chicco brand that GAPIT Media strategically planned and executed. Due to the successful synergy between these communication initiatives, the EZ Papa campaign generated significant spillover effects. This demonstrates the effectiveness of GAPIT Media’s tactics in achieving the desired outcome for our clients.

With Chicco as your companion, the journey of parenthood becomes easy and full of joy

GAPIT Media has developed a comprehensive communication plan that effectively builds a connection with parents through an empathetic approach while incorporating the brand’s values and unique product features. The EZ Papa campaign, designed exclusively for Chicco, showcases the brand’s expertise in the mother and baby industry, emphasizing their commitment to supporting parents in nurturing their child’s future. 

Resonant communication activities in the campaign

Specifically, GAPIT Media has executed a comprehensive range of initiatives, which encompass the creation of viral content routes across various social media platforms, namely Tiktok, Youtube, and Facebook. Additionally, a Landing page was developed with the objective of increasing awareness about the campaign’s message, which emphasizes the crucial role of fathers in nurturing their children. The media outreach campaign included press communication, collaborations with KOLs/influencers on various social media platforms, and generating product reviews as well as testimonial videos. Furthermore, to augment brand visibility, a Mini Contest titled “Let’s make EZ Papa with Chicco” was organized, which successfully contributed towards amplifying brand awareness and expanding reach.

See more information about the EZ Papa campaign here: (LINK CASE STUDY)