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Introduce GAPIT Media – Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Introduce GAPIT Media – Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Newly launched but not a “rookie,” GAPIT Media confidently asserts its capabilities and development potential by independently separating from GAPIT Communications, which has nearly two decades of operation. 


GAPIT Media is officially launched

On April 11, 2023, the GAPIT Media debut event was successfully held with the attendance of the leadership board of GAPIT Communications, GAPIT Media, and all employees of both companies. From the beginning, GAPIT Media has kicked off with a strategic vision to become a leading Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency in Vietnam.

GAPIT Media Team

GAPIT Media emerged as a separate entity from GAPIT Communications, a reputable and experienced company with nearly two decades of operation in the digital technology field. As a result, GAPIT Media inherits the advanced values from the digital technology foundation to drive its development, promising to deliver outstanding digital transformation value and enhance efficiency in communication activities.

At the launch, GAPIT Media’s CEO, Ms. Nguyen Kieu Anh shared that: “With our core goal of using technology as a bridge to drive communication activities, GAPIT Media aims to accompany businesses in spreading meaningful messages more effectively, providing customers with creative solutions and catching up with trends”.

Despite being a newly established company, GAPIT Media is not a fresh “rookie” in the marketing industry. The company has already gained experience and become a sustainable partner of many major clients, including NAPAS, Bayer Vietnam, VietinBank, MobiFone, BIDV, Chicco, Roche Vietnam, and more. At the launch time, GAPIT Media is actively running two impactful campaigns: “EZ Papa” of Chicco Vietnam in collaboration with rapper Justatee, and Living a “Profitable” Life of VietinBank in collaboration with artist, rapper Den Vau.

Two of GAPIT Media’s numerous main initiatives at the time of the company’s debut

The ambition to lead the communications industry with breakthrough thinking

With the aim of becoming a leading Full-service Digital Marketing Agency, GAPIT Media strives to provide comprehensive solutions, including the following services:

  • Strategic Planning:

Consulting on Brand Positioning and Development, and overall Communication Strategy.

  • Creative Solution:

Social media communication, press communication, website and application design, scriptwriting, and production.

  • Media Booking:

Advertising placement on offline media channels, billboards, OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising, and online platforms.

  • Influencer Marketing:

Conveying messages and promoting campaigns through a network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Celebrities.

  • Digital Performance:

Marketing on display networks, search networks, multi-platform social media, and e-commerce platforms.

  • Event & Campaign Marketing:

Organizing events and activation activities, creating awareness and experiential campaigns, and executing communication campaigns.

Through these services, GAPIT Media aims to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions, meeting the diverse needs of clients in the digital marketing landscape.

GAPIT Media’s mission is to establish itself as a dependable collaborator for companies in their efforts to reach audiences with compelling content and innovative services by harnessing the power of technology. The firm’s ultimate goal is to provide assistance to firms in establishing long-term values.

GAPIT Media’s Client

The factor that makes GAPIT Media have an outstanding performance lies in the values it brings to businesses through comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions, enhancing practical communication activities. The company offers strategic consulting and implementation services with solutions tailored to the specific development of each business. Furthermore, it conducts in-depth research and analysis of the internal aspects of the business to provide reasonable proposals. Besides, GAPIT Media uses a combination of insight-driven, behavioral-data-driven, and deployment-experience-driven methodologies to optimise the success of each campaign. Therefore, each campaign is carefully monitored and tweaked for maximum effectiveness.

With a fresh mindset and a solid foundation in technology, let’s look forward to the groundbreaking advancements that GAPIT Media will bring to the field of communications in the near future.

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