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Gamification Marketing – The trend of combining Marketing and Entertainment

Gamification Marketing – The trend of combining Marketing and Entertainment

Games are a popular pastime for users of tech devices in today’s society. In recent years, gamification has gradually become a trend in the marketing field, and more and more companies are turning to this form of entertainment to boost the effectiveness of their messaging. By incorporating game mechanics into a non-game environment, businesses can create new, more interesting, and engaging experiences for their customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue.

What is Gamification Marketing?

The important element in Gamification Marketing is Gamification. Gamification encourages people to participate in non-game environments by using mechanisms that are only used in game design such as rewards, leveling up, and finding badges… Gamification will naturally encourage players to compete, strive for success, or work together to win rewards.

Thus, Gamification Marketing is the innovative and impressive integration and implementation of game rules, gameplay, and rewards into websites, mobile, and social marketing platforms to meet marketing objectives.

<Gamification Marketing integrates game-specific mechanics into a non-game environment>

Benefits of Gamification Marketing

Let’s take a closer look at what Gamification Marketing does for businesses and why it’s becoming one of the most popular forms of marketing in the modern era.

1. Increase interaction between customers and businesses

With just a new and eye-catching game on the website or mobile, businesses can keep customers on the site while encouraging them to share and invite more friends to play with them. Especially for websites, this not only helps increase visits and uprank in Google Search Result Pages but also creates a good impact on search engine optimization (SEO) activities for businesses.

According to Snipp’s research on the impact of Gamification Marketing (The Power of GAMIFICATION – Participation, Engagement, Loyalty – Snipp), businesses that implemented gamification into their business strategies saw 47% more customer interaction with their businesses and media messages, 22% more loyalty to the business, and 15% more brand awareness.

2. Boost conversion rates

Not any increase in engagement means an increase in conversion rate. However, the application of gamification marketing can make that more likely to happen.

Gamification marketing can convey messages that are close and natural and do not make customers feel forced. Challenges, scoring, and even rewards are designed with the specific interests of target audiences. That’s why customers feel like they’re in a virtual world where they can connect with others with similar interests or objectives.

Personalization is at the core of gamification marketing, making it easier for customers to recall messages and evoke more positive emotions, leading to higher conversion rates and, ultimately, higher sales.

<Gamification marketing applications can boost conversion rates>

3. Increase customer loyalty

Finding new customers is always more expensive than keeping existing ones. Understand that gamification is the only way for businesses to keep their existing customers and convert them into loyal customers.

There are two primary reasons for gamification marketing’s success:

– Bring positive value: Companies are cleverly integrating incentive programs, earning points to redeem gift items, and ranking members… to make customers feel as if they are part of the company.

– Create a sense of connection: The more appealing and engaging the games are, the more likely customers are to visit regularly to stay in top positions. The more time you spend with the games, the greater the level of familiarity and closeness to the business. Then, as time passes, the business image will stay on the customer’s top of mind.

4. Easily measure performance and collect customer data

Owning the game, the business has complete control over the campaign and can use social listening tools to measure the campaign’s performance with metrics like traffic, shares, and engagement.

Gamification marketing also allows businesses to observe how customers interact with games, capturing customer behavior data that can be used for future marketing plans. Additionally, businesses can avoid sensitive topics related to collecting customer data because customers opt to leave their data voluntarily and happy while playing games.

<Gamification Marketing easily measures performance and collects customer data>

GAPIT Media promotes Gamification in digital marketing activities for clients

In 2023, GAPIT Media deployed Gamification Marketing for Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB).

In 2023, SHB Bank celebrated its 30th anniversary. Hence, the game’s concept was based on the bank’s development journey with special milestones. The game also cleverly integrated 6 key business values of the company. The game was integrated directly into SHB’s mobile e-banking app, so it was convenient for customers to play and interact. Through the game, customers can win valuable gifts and gain insight into the bank’s development process.

As a result, SHB and GAPIT Media successfully promoted the SHB brand image to customers and motivated them to use SHB products and services while introducing modern technology experiences via Gamification.

<GAPIT Media deployed Gamification Marketing for SHB>

After that, GAPIT Media signed a strategic cooperation with TAEMAKE & TriPlayZ for further gamification solutions in marketing activities for financial customers. The collaboration also reflected GAPIT Media’s vision and ambition to develop more innovative solutions to drive the effectiveness of communication and marketing.

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