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AI & Digital Marketing: A Powerful Ally or a Threat to Marketers?

AI & Digital Marketing: A Powerful Ally or a Threat to Marketers?

Is AI the key to success in digital marketing or does it harbor unforeseen risks? The balance is currently tipping more towards one side, let’s explore it together in this article by GAPIT Media.

AI: The Game-Changer for Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is booming and seeping into every aspect of life, from technology, medicine, education, and even digital marketing. AI brings powerful tools and solutions that help marketers reach and solve tasks more effectively, thereby improving campaign performance and revenue.

According to a HubSpot survey, marketers typically apply AI to the following tasks:

  • 40% apply AI to Data analysis/reporting
  • 39% apply to Research (market research, writing summary reports)
  • 38% apply to Content creation


Below, we will delve deeper into the applications of AI in digital marketing:

  1. Data analysis: AI helps collect and analyze large amounts of data from various sources, helping marketers better understand the behavior and preferences of their target customers. As a result, marketing experts can make more informed decisions when building strategies.
  2. Ad optimization: AI helps users choose the right keywords, target audience, ad placement, and adjust bids in real time to optimize costs, increase conversion rates, and ad revenue.
  3. Personalized user experience: With machine learning algorithms, AI can recommend suitable products, send marketing emails with attractive content and promotions for each customer segment. This helps build stronger customer relationships, increase loyalty, and encourage them to buy more.
  4. Chatbots and virtual assistants: AI-integrated chatbots can support answering questions, providing product information, processing orders, etc.; reducing the burden on customer service, improving service quality, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  5. Content automation: AI-based content creation tools can create articles, ads, marketing emails quickly and efficiently; saving marketers time and effort while increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities.

AI is still being applied to hundreds of other tasks in the field of digital marketing.

AI and The Creator: A collaboration or a competition?

AI has asserted its undeniable position in digital marketing, especially for tasks that require high accuracy and automation. However, in the field of creation, the role of AI is still a hotly debated topic.

While AI demonstrates remarkable creativity, its “artificial” nature is undeniable. While AI can simulate and support creative activities, it cannot overshadow the value of humans in this field. The limitation of AI compared to humans lies in the lack of personal perspective, emotional nuance, and authenticity. In the meantime, to create works of art, literature, and music, they all need to stem from the real experiences and emotions of the creator. In addition, AI is also limited by the data source, cannot extract information from limited sources, making AI unable to create completely original and thought-provoking content like humans.

AI will still play an important role as a powerful ally for marketers in general and content creators in particular. Instead of worrying about the development of AI, creators should take advantage of the strengths of this technology to optimize the creative process. Combining the power of AI with human creativity, intuition, and emotion will be the key to creating more impressive works than ever before.

GAPIT Media is also not out of the wave of applying AI in its marketing communication activities. To effectively implement and develop AI applications, GAPIT Media has invited leading experts in the field of AI technology to share knowledge and skills with employees. These training and guidance sessions help the company’s employees improve their understanding and ability to use AI-based tools and software in their daily work.

Currently, GAPIT Media has implemented AI applications in many different aspects of the workflow, such as: Researching information, directing content, generating ideas for creative publications, … thereby enhancing operational efficiency and competitive position in the market.

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