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Illustration (Comic) – An inspiring content trend

Illustration (Comic) – An inspiring content trend

Illustration (Comic) is a form of content creation preferred by creators because of its flexibility and ability to convey a positive and receptive message.


What is Illustration (Comics)?

Illustration (Comics) is a form of content creation that uses hand-drawn images to build stories, narratives, or specific actions. Through these contents, they contribute to conveying messages or cleverly integrating products of brands in a friendly and delicate way.

Some of the famous fictional Comics characters on social media are:


1. Tho Bay Mau (Rainbow Bunny): 3.374.458 likes

Tho Bay Mau is a series of stories revolving around a bunny with an expressionless face and his friends with hilarious life stories.


2. Ve bay (2.237.830 lượt thích)

The Ve bay team focuses on building humorous stories that are familiar to young people through a very diverse character system.

3. Tuyet Bich Collection (Snow White Collection): 1.990.125 likes

Inspired by famous Disney cartoon characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid… Tuyet Bich Collection’s content is funny stories with surprising endings.

4. Thang Fly Comics: 1,4 million followers

The main character Pikalong – an unlucky but always optimistic dragon, is the basis for Thang Fly Comics group to develop many other characters with different personalities. They create stories with diverse themes, ranging from current issues, humorous trends to clever situations that promote products.

5. Ba Gia Keu Ca (Complaining Old Lady): 987K likes

Old, fat, single, addicted to food and cosmetics… “Ba Gia Keu Ca” wins the heart of most female Facebook users since they find themselves in this character.

And there are many more interesting cartoon characters that reflect the reality of social life, conveying content in many fields and professions… It can be said that illustration is gradually becoming an indispensable form when businesses implement communication strategies on social media platforms.


The communication effectiveness of illustrations

In the fierce competition of creative content on social media nowadays, illustrations can attract readers, especially young people with many advantages:

  • It can create empathy and make readers easily absorb content and messages from short, witty, close stories. Therefore, these posts help increase interactions significantly.
  • It can bring novelty to the content with high creative and “fiction” ability based on the author’s imagination.
  • It is a flexible hand-drawn form that does not depend too much on available images sources, so it can drive imagination and creativity.
  • It is also a form of subtle advertising that can showcase products of brands.

Content creators can easily embed messages or promote products through illustrations – Products by GAPIT Media

  • It is a cost-effective method that does not require an expensive production process like organizing a photoshoot with a large ekip. An experienced team can bring these contents to life on the drawing board with an optimized budgets.
  • It makes brand image friendlier to customers through cartoon characters.

Through illustrated content, brand image is friendlier to customers – Products by GAPIT Media

As technology advances, Internet users are become more and more skeptical, which challenges communicators to be creative and innovative. In the face of work pressure, illustration (comics) can still be a potential form of bringing positive and fun messages to the public.

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