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EZ Papa – An inspiring campaign for modern fathers

EZ Papa – An inspiring campaign for modern fathers

The Chicco brand’s EZ Papa campaign has received significant attention within the parenting community. The campaign’s ability to influence further reinforced the brand’s commitment to spreading its meaningful message. 


“EZ Papa” MV reached Top 3 Trending after 3 days of release

The music video “EZ Papa” by rapper JustaTee, in collaboration with the Chicco brand, has garnered significant support from the music-loving community. In particular, fans of “idol CiCi” – the daughter of the artist and rapper JustaTee – have shown enthusiastic support for the song. Within just three days of its launch, “EZ Papa” reached the Top 3 Trending on the Vietnam YouTube chart, achieved 1 million views in just 70 hours, and garnered thousands of comments and shares from various community groups.

JustaTee’s cute, funny “EZ Papa” MV featuring his daughter CiCi

In the MV’s opening scene, JustaTee appears as a successful father deeply passionate about his singing career. However, this image is quickly contrasted with a chaotic household and the realization that his “career” as a father is currently struggling.

The narrative of EZ Papa revolves around JustaTee’s real-life experience of juggling two roles simultaneously: that of a successful man and a busy father. Despite his demanding career, he is also a dedicated caregiver to his young children, often donning the “clothes” of a father. This poignant reality resonates with parents across the board, tugging at their heartstrings.

JustaTee plays and explores products from Chicco with his daughter

The music video “EZ Papa” by JustaTee delivers a strong message about the vital role of fathers in raising their children and emphasizes the need to break down outdated stereotypes about gender roles in childcare. The video stresses the importance of fathers staying involved and present in their children’s lives, even when facing complex and challenging times. This message is in line with the values of Chicco, a popular Italian children’s brand that emphasizes nurturing and supporting children’s development. In summary, “EZ Papa” aims to inspire modern fathers and their spouses to take an active role in raising their children.

Resonant activities created a widespread impact

The music video is a part of the communication campaign for the Chicco brand that GAPIT Media strategically planned and executed. Due to the successful synergy between these communication initiatives, the EZ Papa campaign generated significant spillover effects. This demonstrates the effectiveness of GAPIT Media’s tactics in achieving the desired outcome for our clients.

With Chicco as your companion, the journey of parenthood becomes easy and full of joy

GAPIT Media has developed a comprehensive communication plan that effectively builds a connection with parents through an empathetic approach while incorporating the brand’s values and unique product features. The EZ Papa campaign, designed exclusively for Chicco, showcases the brand’s expertise in the mother and baby industry, emphasizing their commitment to supporting parents in nurturing their child’s future. 

Resonant communication activities in the campaign

Specifically, GAPIT Media has executed a comprehensive range of initiatives, which encompass the creation of viral content routes across various social media platforms, namely Tiktok, Youtube, and Facebook. Additionally, a Landing page was developed with the objective of increasing awareness about the campaign’s message, which emphasizes the crucial role of fathers in nurturing their children. The media outreach campaign included press communication, collaborations with KOLs/influencers on various social media platforms, and generating product reviews as well as testimonial videos. Furthermore, to augment brand visibility, a Mini Contest titled “Let’s make EZ Papa with Chicco” was organized, which successfully contributed towards amplifying brand awareness and expanding reach.

See more information about the EZ Papa campaign here: (LINK CASE STUDY)


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