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GAPIT Media and VietinBank spread the campaign Living a “profitable” life

GAPIT Media and VietinBank spread the campaign Living a “profitable” life

Only 1 week after launching, Living a “profitable” life successfully entered the TOP 5 media campaigns of March 2023 with positive media effects.


GAPIT Media accompanied media with VietinBank in the campaign Living a “profitable” life

Living a “profitable” life campaign celebrated the 35th anniversary of VietinBank

Living a “profitable” life is a key campaign in 2023, marking a strong transformation of VietinBank in the new period. With the companionship of artist, rapper Den Vau, the campaign aimed to strongly spread positive values ​​and explosive activities that bring “profit” to the community.

As a creative agency, GAPIT Media has accompanied Living a “profitable” life in the booming phase. We created Social Media posts, write press releases and online newspapers, designed banners for Out-of-home Advertising…

A social media post from GAPIT Media on VietinBank’s Fanpage

PR products made by GAPIT Media in the campaign

Positive effects from the community

In just 2 minutes and 54 seconds, TVC “I am Den” – the companion statement of Den and VietinBank quickly became the first successful touchpoint, opening the campaign Living a “profitable” life. TVC quickly reached nearly 300.000 views, more than 5.000 interactions and more than 3.500 shares after only 24 hours of launch.

Commenting on the campaign’s opening product, experts and famous artists also gave flattering words when sharing TVC. Even within VietinBank, the campaign’s spirit has spread to 24.000 officers, joining hands to share and carry out practical activities for the community.

The opening TVC of the campaign received praise from talented directors

Launched quite late near the end of March 2023, Living a “profitable” life only needed about a week to be in the TOP 5 communication campaigns of March 2023 (*). This is the first time a Big 4 Bank campaign has topped the media campaign of the month, alongside units with large budget investments and comprehensive strategies such as Lazada, PNJ, Panasonic, Oppo.

The positive effect from the starting point is the result of collective efforts in communication activities. These achievements contribute to giving VietinBank a fresher appearance in the eyes of the public, demonstrating the bank’s efforts to enhance activities for the genZ segment in 2023.

(*) According to Kompa’s Top trending social media report in March 2023

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