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EZ Papa – A new outlook on the role of a dad



Established in 1958, Chicco has proved to be a leading brand for children across 120 countries globally. The Italian company offers a wide range of items that are eco-friendly and safe. In Vietnam, Chicco is regconized as a trustworthy partner for parents, with an excellent reputation among high-end customers.



Strategic Planning, Creative Solution, Influencer Marketing, Media Booking, Digital Performance

Success Story

Success Story

By incorporating both product features and brand identity, GAPIT Media has produced a communication strategy focusing on building a strong connection with parents. The successful execution of the EZ Papa campaign has strengthened Chicco’s position as a reputable and trustworthy brand in the childcare industry.



After discovering that childcare in Vietnam is typically associated with the mother’s role, Chicco aimed to launch a campaign highlighting the often-overlooked role of fathers in childcare. The initiative would showcase Chicco’s dedication to supporting children throughout their growth journey, creating an enjoyable and seamless experience for parents. By doing this, Chicco aimed to foster a social movement that challenges common stereotypes and promotes a more balanced distribution of childcare responsibilities.



The EZ Papa campaign serves a dual purpose: to reinforce Chicco’s market position and introduce a new line of Personal Care products called Baby Moments that simplifies childcare. The campaign also aims to boost Chicco’s social media engagement. Most importantly, the EZ Papa campaign seeks to raise awareness about the vital role of fathers in nurturing and supporting their children’s growth.



GAPIT Media was responsible of implementing these following items: Managing viral content on Social Media platforms (Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook…); Writing PR article; Collaborating with musical artist, rapper JustaTee to release the MV “EZ Papa”; Designing a Landing page to introduce & raise awareness about Campaign with the role of father in taking care of children; Booking KOLs/influencers to make videos and write product reviews on Social Media channels; Organizing a Mini Contest “Be EZ Papa with Chicco” to increase reach and brand awareness.

Top 3 MV Trending
46K+ Page Visit
98K+ Reactions Hotpage

Teaser MV “EZ Papa”:

The post on JustaTee Fanpage received 31K interactions, 1K comments and 338 shares. The teaser video on Youtube received 20,000 views after 1 month of release.

MV “EZ Papa”:

  • The MV reached more than 1 million views and ranked 3rd in the trending music category after only 48 hours of release
  • After 1 month of release, the MV reached 8.6 million views and ranked 27th in the trending music category

MV EZ PAPA OFFICIAL on Chicco’s FACEBOOK channel after 48 hours:

  • 1,336,572 Reach
  • 1,278,987 Engagement
  • 3.4 million views

Traffic from press:

The average view of 6 articles is about 3500 views per article.

Fanpage Chicco:

During the running of the EZ Papa Campaign, the fanpage indexes increased significantly:

  • Facebook Page Reach reached 3,901,557 reach, an increase of 1.3K% compared to the previous period
  • Facebook New Page Followers reached 8,288, an increase of 11.9K% compared to the previous period
  • Facebook Page Visit reached 46,044, an increase of 3.2K% compared to the previous period

Following the MV’s release, Chicco’s fanpage witnessed a rise in returning viewers during the message dissemination phase, demonstrating an eight-fold increase compared to the previous period.

Landing page:

The EZ Papa campaign website received 9924 hits after its publication, with a sharp increase in visits observed three weeks after the campaign’s launch.

Mini Contest:

The competition garnered 120 entries of quality content that effectively conveyed the campaign’s meaningful messages.

Booking Hot page/Group:

  • Number of Hot page/Group Mass: 22 Hot page/ Hot group, reached 98000 reactions, 1228 comments, 400 shares
  • Number of Hot page/Hot group Mom and baby: 9 Hotpage/Hot group, reached 3733 reactions, 185 comments

EZ Papa has attracted considerable attention and positive feedback from parents, especially fathers. The campaign’s messages highlighting the crucial role of fathers in childcare have been widely circulated and have garnered significant empathy and support from the community.