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SHB Game: Gratitude Birthday – Heartfelt Gifts

About SHB

About SHB

Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) was established on November 13, 1993, and officially listed on the Vietnam stock market in 2009.


After 30 years of construction and development, SHB currently ranks as the top bank in terms of growth of brand strength in Vietnam, the top 5 largest commercial banks in Vietnam, the top 50 outstanding enterprises in Vietnam, the top 100 banks in the ASEAN region, the top 500 banks with the highest brand value worldwide…



  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Solution
  • Media Booking
  • Digital Performance
  • Events & Campaign Marketing
  • Influential Marketing
Success Story

Success Story

Through engaging forms of communication and innovative experiences such as gamification, SHB Bank has successfully marked its 30th anniversary in an impressive manner, attracting a large number of customers to participate in the program. This has helped enhance the brand image of SHB.



Currently, many banks are applying gamification to create a strong impression on customers and increase traffic to their mobile applications.

Approaching its 30th anniversary milestone, SHB Bank desires to show appreciation to the customers who have accompanied them throughout the journey with fresh and exciting activities. In celebration of this significant event, the bank has introduced a gamification feature called “Gratitude Birthday – Heartfelt Gifts” on its mobile app platform. This aims to deliver a breakthrough and distinctive user experience while leaving a remarkable imprint within the commemorative activities.



Through an engaging game format intertwined with the history of its establishment, SHB Bank aims to commemorate its founding day and express gratitude to customers who have been with the bank throughout its 30-year journey.

Additionally, SHB Bank aspires to cultivate a more relatable and youthful image, particularly targeting a younger customer base. The bank also aims to attract a higher number of downloads and usage of the SHB SAHA mobile app, an updated version of the SHB Mobile app, in order to enhance the overall customer experience.



  • GAPIT Media provided creative direction and designed Key visual themes for each stage of the campaign based on target audience analysis and user experience.
  • Increased customer reach and engagement through impressive advertising banner designs across various digital platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, websites, and online newspapers.
  • Spread the energetic campaign atmosphere to all branch locations through a series of POSM materials and SHB’s owned media channels.
  • Produced creative content in diverse formats including GIFs, motion graphics, infographics, and albums on social media platforms to convey SHB’s messages and attract game players.
  • Utilized hot pages/hot groups and reviews from KOL Cris Phan to enhance brand communication and generate discussions.
  • Created a series of PR articles to promote the “Gratitude Birthday – Heartfelt Gifts” game and the overall campaign.
  • Organized a livestream event for the final draw, presenting gold awards as a token of gratitude to enthusiastic customers who participated throughout the program.
19.092 PR views
51,210 Interactions on Cris Phan's post
86,6667 Digital Ads Engagements

Booking Cris Phan:

  • 51,210 interactions


PR: Total of 19,092 views


Digital Ads:

  • 86,667 engagements, achieving 103.4% of the KPI
  • 452,000 video views, achieving 100.08% of the KPI
  • 290,964 YouTube TrueView views, achieving 100.7% of the KPI
  • 700,000 carousel banner impressions


Livestream of the final draw program:

  • 155 reactions